Dr. Amrish Vaidya


An ultrasound done during pregnancy shows some abnormalities. What should I do?

If a sonogram has shown some abnormality in your baby, your obstetrician is the best person to guide you further. Depending on what is abnormal,
you may be advised another consultation with a specialist, to understand the implications of this abnormality.
The specialists may be a  paediatric surgeon, or a neonatologist, or a pediatric neurologist, or cardiologist, or a geneticist.
If necessary, your obstetrician may involve more than one specialist, and there may be a joint consultation with all of them to decide what course of action would be best for you and your baby.


What can happen ? Will my pregnancy progress normally?

Your obstetrician will answer this question the best, perhaps with inputs from the other specialists. Often, the abnormality picked up on ultrasound may be innocuous, and may have no or little bearing on the pregnancy or your newborn baby.

At other times, the team may decide that, though the pregnancy is best allowed to continue normally, some intervention may be needed at birth.
At other times, an early delivery, either normally, or by caesarian section will be advised, along with intervention after birth.

In the latter two situations, it may be recommended that you have the baby delivered at or close to a large hospital, which has facilities to look after the baby.

In the worst case scenario, if it is felt by all the concerned specialists, that the abnormality is incompatible with life, or a good quality of life for your baby, then, after discussions with you and your family, a termination of pregnancy may be suggested.


Will all future pregnancies be affected?

Not necessarily. You may have a perfectly normal baby in your next pregnancy.
Depending on what your baby has, a further consultation may be advised with a geneticist. Some genetic tests may be advised to know more details. Your doctors will then be in a position to tell you  the chances of having a normal pregnancy in the future.

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